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Bounce-Back Scheme Offers (Relatively) Good News – Plus Loans Latest

Act first, reflect later. That seems to have been the motto of the UK government during the pandemic. It’s a strategy that’s worked very well for vaccinations, but the attempts to throw money at the financial services sector appear to be just that, and little more. Our friends at AltFi report some (relatively) good news: […]

Bounce-Back Ball Is In SME Lenders’ Court

The snippets of news keep coming through. With the sunlit uplands officially scheduled for the end of the first quarter next year, the fallout from a super-hurried set of measures to shore up SMEs is beginning to make itself felt. Crowdfundinsider reports: HM Treasury has stated that it’s ultimately the responsibility of lenders, and not […]

FinTech Backlash To Emergency SME Funding Measures ‘Tempered’

Our friends at the Fintech Times report on the evolving reaction to some very hastily, albeit well-intentioned, attempts to throw money at Britain’s stricken business sector, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in most need. Regular readers of this News section will know that our concern is that money, unlike mud, does not stick if […]

Government Emergency Funding Juggernaut Rolls On

The government-backed emergency finance juggernaut rolls on. The intentions are good, but is the money reaching its target? Time will tell. Our friends at AltFi report the latest: The UK’s financial institutions have lent out over £34.9bn to SMEs under the government-backed coronavirus loan schemes. The rate of lending has slowed for the second week […]

Bounce Back Loan Latest – Plus IFISA Process Guide

The Bounce Back government loan scheme continues to expand. Metro Bank is the latest to try to get money to small businesses. AltFi takes up the story. The high street bank will be able to offer SMEs loans from £2,000 up to £50,000 following its accreditation by the British Business Bank today. Metro Bank joins the ever-growing list of 17 […]