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Innovate Finance Sees Bright Future For FinTech – Plus Loan Latest

As the political weather changes day by day, there is some certainty, at least, in the financial-technology sector. It is the future, come what may. The latest research from the government body, Innovate Finance and consultants, EY, indicates strong and rising levels of investment despite Brexit uncertainty. Below is an excerpt of a recent report […]

P2P Sector Offers ‘Quick, Dynamic Funding’ – Business Matters

Hats off to Business Matters magazine, for a timely and well-observed report on the importance of alternative finance for technology companies. The initial focus is on start-ups. “UK tech start-ups are receiving a lot of attention in the press. They’re something we’re rightly proud of – the UK is a centre of innovation. Tech investment in […]

Ready, Set… Start-up! P2P A Key To SME Success

Start-up businesses are, according to our friends at startups.co.uk, “often frustrated at the overly cautious, risk averse attitude from many mainstream business finance sources.” The site has just published a piece in which it lists “five reasons why P2P lending is the fastest-growing branch of the alternative finance sector. We offer a lightly edited excerpt […]

Moneywise Goes Back To P2P Basics

Moneywise explains the basics of peer-to-peer lending, and does a rather fine job of explaining what it is we do here at Money&Co. “Rather than remain in poor-paying high street savings accounts, the more adventurous among you will be far better suited to taking on more risk with different products entirely. Those of you who […]