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Innovate Finance Flags Higher Than Expected UK FinTech Growth

Here’s a little surprise. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report. With the full story here. While Fintech investment may be slowing in other markets, the United Kingdom appears to be bucking the trend. In a “Summer Investment Report,” Innovate Finance puts a pen to the numbers and they are encouraging. The organization states that during the first 6 […]

UK Strives For Global FinTech Leadership – Plus Loan Auction Latest

More moves on the PR front from the UK’s industry body Innovate Finance. It’s just launched the International FinTech Group to promote the UK as a global leader in the Fintech sector. This move follows the publication of the Kalifa Review of UK FinTech in 2021. We’ve reported on the Kalifa review before, and blogged on it […]

FinTech Sector Seeks Faster-Paced Innovation

Statism and entrepreneurism make uneasy bed fellows. Part of the problem is the difficulty of government remaining hands off while also providing stimulus. Our friends at Finextra report on the FinTech sector’s impatience at the state’s benign attempts to create the a benign environment for growth. In an open letter to the UK Government, almost […]

2021 Sees Record Inward Investment To UK FinTech Sector

Boom times? There are many regulatory and process hurdles to be negotiated, but the UK FinTech sector raised an impressive $11.6bn during the calendar year of 2021, according to figures from Innovate Finance, as reported by our friends at Altfi. According to Innovate Finance, and harnessing data from PitchBook, the sector smashed its pre-pandemic record of $4.9bn […]

AltFi Sector Moves To Make Sense Of New Environment

More moves in an alternative finance sector that’s working hard to adapt itself to new working conditions. Industry body Innovate Finance has appointed Mike Carter to lead its recently-established 36H Group, which took over from the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association in January. Our friends at AltFi take up the story. Carter has been appointed to the role of Head of […]

Innovate Finance Report Takes Positive Look At UK FinTech Scene

Recently, HM Treasury, the Department for International Trade, and Innovate Finance, joined together in publishing a report entitled “UK Fintech State of the Nation.” The report provides a snapshot perspective as to progress in the UK regarding FinTech, as well as providing a roster of ongoing programs created to ensure the UK’s position as a […]

Alternative Finance Volumes Up, As Latest A-Rated Loan Offer Closes Today

We hesitate to say it’s “business as usual”, since we’re not alone in wondering what “usual” is nowadays. It’s certainly not “normal”… In any event, recent figures from government quango, Innovate Finance, as reported by our friends at AltFi, indicate that volume has picked up in the alternative-finance sector.   “The United Kingdom attracted £432m […]

Brexit Hampers FinTech Investment – Plus Loans Latest

The Brexit debate certainly polarises opinion. To paraphrase Shakespeare: there’s nothing good or bad, but that the saying makes it so. But at last, some cold hard facts – we still believe in facts her at Money&Co., post-truth politics or not – are beginning to emerge. Our friends at P2P Finance News report a Brexit-driven […]