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2021 Sees Record Inward Investment To UK FinTech Sector

Boom times? There are many regulatory and process hurdles to be negotiated, but the UK FinTech sector raised an impressive $11.6bn during the calendar year of 2021, according to figures from Innovate Finance, as reported by our friends at Altfi. According to Innovate Finance, and harnessing data from PitchBook, the sector smashed its pre-pandemic record of $4.9bn […]

Europe Looks To Rosy FinTech Future, But UK’s ISA Benefits Are Here Today

The European Commission has promised to “prioritise fintech” in its proposals to revamp its financial supervision strategy, according to a report from our friends at P2P Finance News. We run an excerpt from the article below, and leave it to you whether this is all too little, too late, in the light of forthcoming political […]

Economic And Investment Outlook: House Building To Lead Recovery

In her latest widely read blog, Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick predicts growth in the UK economy, with the property sector leading the way. “A recovery is now expected, led by house building as the housing market has taken particular cheer from the election result. The housing sector was strong ahead of the election with house […]