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UK Strives For Global FinTech Leadership – Plus Loan Auction Latest

More moves on the PR front from the UK’s industry body Innovate Finance. It’s just launched the International FinTech Group to promote the UK as a global leader in the Fintech sector. This move follows the publication of the Kalifa Review of UK FinTech in 2021. We’ve reported on the Kalifa review before, and blogged on it […]

FinTech Sector Seeks Faster-Paced Innovation

Statism and entrepreneurism make uneasy bed fellows. Part of the problem is the difficulty of government remaining hands off while also providing stimulus. Our friends at Finextra report on the FinTech sector’s impatience at the state’s benign attempts to create the a benign environment for growth. In an open letter to the UK Government, almost […]

Bang Or Whimper? A Report On The Future Of FinTech

Ron Kalifa, a non-executive director of the Court of Directors at the Bank of England and the vice-chairman of WorldPay, has produced a long-awaited report on FinTech. The report starts well – with the ever-changing taxonomy of the industry. The simple point is that if we can’t agree standard terms for what FinTech is, we’ll never achieve […]

Kalifa Report Adds Weight To Argument For FinTech Asset Fund Acceptance

We’ve long argues that Fintech needs to be seen as a legitimate, investable asset by the likes of institutional investment and pension-fund managers. Following last week’s publication of the Kalifa report on FinTech there’s plenty of support for this argument. AltFi makes its own case here: To put it mildly, fintech companies haven’t struggled for […]