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Bang Or Whimper? A Report On The Future Of FinTech

Ron Kalifa, a non-executive director of the Court of Directors at the Bank of England and the vice-chairman of WorldPay, has produced a long-awaited report on FinTech. The report starts well – with the ever-changing taxonomy of the industry. The simple point is that if we can’t agree standard terms for what FinTech is, we’ll never achieve […]

FinTech Sector A Hive Of Activity In Uncertain Times

The FinTech sector in the UK and internationally remains a hive of activity and positivity in an uncertain world. Our friends at Finextra report: Vestrata, a new digital wealth management platform founded by eight former employees from some of the largest wealth managers in the world, has closed a $4m investment round and officially launched, […]

Cambridge Network Sees Future For Resilient FinTechs

The Cambridge Network takes a measured and thoughtful look at the resilience of the UK’s FinTech sector. Resilience will certainly be required. Below, we offer an excerpt from the piece – which can be found in full by clicking here. As members of the UK tech sector meet virtually during #LTWConnects events, figures show UK digital tech […]

The Participative Future Of FinTech – Plus Loan Latest

If you buy the product, should you be able to buy a share of the company that makes it? The Dealer Support platform carries an engaging opinion piece looking at potential trends in alternative finance. In the posited “post-consumer” society, we are all players. One cited example is the telecoms company Giff-Gaff, where consumers own […]