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Plans, Initiatives And Trillion-Euro Aspirations

We are currently living in a period of many initiatives and ideas, but few executed plans – and even fewer observable outcomes. The latest hope for dealing with the financial blight caused by Coroanvirus is a two trillion-euro ($2.2 trillion) plan for economic recovery, as floated by the European Commission, ahead of leaders’ talks on […]

Post-Brexit Lending And Borrowing Via The P2P Crowd

From a lender’s perspective, lending money to small companies is all about getting good returns on capital. The borrowing small company typically wants the money to fund growth. But what are the prospects for growth, following the Brexit vote? Our friends at Bloomberg take a long look the prospects for British peer-to-peer lenders, who “were […]

P2P Takes Pride Of Place In 2015 Funding Contest

Our very own peer-to-peer (P2P) sector of crowdfunding attracted easily the most money in £2 billion-plus worth of venture capital for SME and start-up raises in 2015, reports Bloomberg. “Growing peer-to-peer lending and online money transfer services helped raise a record $3.6 billion in venture capital funding for the U.K.’s technology sector last year, according […]