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Digital Art Tokens Come To Market – Plus Loans Latest

After yesterday’s thumping $100 billion market debut from crypto marketplace, Coinbase, today sees the arrival of a well-timed fund raise. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the prime medium by which super-trendy digital art is sold. Our friends at UK TechNews report: NFT Investments, an investment company specialising in the non-fungible token (NFT), has raised $48 million (approx £35 […]

Venture Capital Offers Bright Spot In Uncertain UK Future

The stop-start, hot-cold nature of the alternative finance industry in the time of Covid-19 is a continuing theme. Rather than bust, the latest news report from our friends at UK Tech News offers a snapshot of a booming venture-capital industry, at least in London. With the latest vaccine developments and the impact of Brexit (possibly, […]

SME, FinTech Good News As Vaccine Hopes Soar

Today, as the world hopes for the arrival of a truly  effective Covid-19 vaccine, we bring two snippets of news. First, is more from the stop-go world of SME finance. UK Tech News reports: British Business Investments, a Sheffield-based investment management firm, recently announced a £30 million commitment to support UK small businesses through Funding […]

London Is ‘European Leader in EdTech’

London is the leading EdTech hub in Europe according to research published by London & Partners and Dealroom, to coincide with London Tech Week 2020. Our friends at UK Tech News carry the story: Best in Class: Global Trends in EdTech from a London Perspective explores EdTech VC-led investment trends since 2014, comparing countries and cities in […]

FinTech’s Direct Lenders Head For Property Backing

Regular visitors to this site will be aware of our vision for the direct-lending sub-sector of FinTech. Property-backed and niche, asset-backed lending (eg, against music rights) is the way forward. Our friends at UKTech News report an interesting deal that ticks one of our preferred boxes: Offr, the prop-tech platform digitising the buying, selling and leasing […]

FinTech SMEs: Covid-Cashflow Latest

The Covid cashflow mini-crisis for SMEs is being reported, albeit in a piecemeal way. Our friends at UKTech News bring us the latest on SME cash flow issues, as researched by the news outlet and Lloyds Commercial banking: Joint research conducted by Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking and UK Tech News has delved into how the […]

FinTech’s Battles Against Identity Theft

Identity theft and identification techniques underpin the whole enterprise that is FinTech. Our friends at UKTechNews report the latest in the major types of identity theft and fraud, their impact across industry. Later on in the article, biometric identity screening is discussed as a useful technique to mitigate identity fraud. The Most Common Categories of […]