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FinTech’s Battles Against Identity Theft

Identity theft and identification techniques underpin the whole enterprise that is FinTech. Our friends at UKTechNews report the latest in the major types of identity theft and fraud, their impact across industry. Later on in the article, biometric identity screening is discussed as a useful technique to mitigate identity fraud. The Most Common Categories of […]

Identity, Money And The Future Of Digital Currencies (And Personal IOUs)

The old saying goes that in the digital world if the product is free, the payment is you. Or your information, at least. The notion that personal data is valuable is becoming more widely understood.  “Behavioural biometrics” – the way we interact with our devices – are set to replace passwords in online finance, according […]

We’re Watching The Watchers: Behavioural Biometrics, The New Identity?

The surveillance society has well and truly arrived. Discounting the UK government’s embarrassing attempts to find traction for its track-and-trace app, the evidence is that our future is to be watched and identified by what we do, whether we like it or not. Witness this piece in the trade press: “Behavioural biometrics” – the way […]