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P2P Investing Beats Inflation – But (Stating The Obvious) Be Risk-Aware

There are no prizes, that we’re aware of, for stating the obvious. But if there were such a thing, the trophy (we’re thinking something very tacky and cheap, bought from a high-street jeweller) would have to be split between our friends at P2P Finance News (an important and reliable source of news on peer-to-peer [P2P]] […]

Cash ISA Investors Can Come Out Of Inflation Cold With IFISAs

It’s now officially autumn. The nights are drawing in. Temperatures are dropping. It’s getting cold outside. You’ve probably already guessed where we’re going with this. It’s in the cold and the dark that holders of cash deposit accounts find themselves right now. Inflation is rising, but cash deposit rates certainly aren’t. According to independent savings […]

Inflation, Share Prices And Crowdfunded P2P Loans

The FTSE100 share index has finally breached its previous all-time high of 15 years ago. But Nicola Horlick, CEO of Money&Co., wonders what all the fuss is about. In her latest blog, Nicola argues that the FTSE100 has failed to keep up with price inflation, which (depending on the measure you use) has risen over […]

Market High No Cause For Investor Celebration

There was much excitement yesterday when the UK stockmarket finally reached a new all-time high. The FTSE 100 share index closed at 6950, beating its previous high of 6930, which was achieved on 22nd December 1999. There are a number of points to make about this so-called landmark. The first is that if the FTSE […]