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Big And Beautiful Or Small And Sticky? P2P Needs Small Investors

Providers of financial services like “sticky” money, capital that stays once it’s arrived. The fact is that small investors and savers, often criticised for “inertia”, are slow to action. Their money, generally speaking, is sticky. At Money&Co. we are committed to keeping the crowd, in the form of the small investor, in crowdfunding. The stickiness […]

Keeping The Crowd In Crowd Funding – Plus IFISA Process Guide

Our determination to keep the crowd – individual investors – in crowdfunding is on the record. That does not preclude forming partnerships with bigger commercial lenders, but the individual will always have a place in peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. Our friends at P2P Finance News quote Orca Money’s Iain Niblock’s thoughts on the debate: While much […]