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Savings Solution To £4.3bn Funding Gap Is ‘Under Our Noses’

Is the solution to SME liquidity problems really this obvious? We run a guest blog from the crowdfunding intelligence platform, Another Crowd, which suggests this may be so. Implementation or execution (aka persuasion) however, may be a lot more difficult…  Another Crowd Blog One of the biggest issues in alternative finance is how to improve […]

Can We Finally Fill £4.3bn SME Funding Gap?

Today, we look at an old problem from a new perspective. The problem is, in a sense, the reason we exist – the small-business (or small and medium-sized enterprise, aka SME) funding gap, This gap, also known as the Macmillan gap, following research conducted on this very issue in the 1930s, is the difference between funds […]

MBA To Work Digital Magic On Money&Co.

Stephen Maher of MBA leads a crack team of creative digital expertise We’re very pleased to announce the appointment of a new digital marketing agency to provide further impetus to Money&Co.’s strong start since launch in late April. We’ve already facilitated over £2.65 million in loans since we began operating, and the pipeline of offerings […]

Crowdfunders Set To Solve Banks 4% Problem

Online crowdfunding deal should get more, much-needed money to SMEs Columnist Anthony Hilton argues in the Evening Standard that a new deal between Santander and Funding Circle, an internet-based crowdfunding platform, has the potential to revolutionise lending to small and medium-sized companies in the UK. Hilton says that, although banks exist to lend to small business, they […]

Business Beware! There’s That Gap Again…

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. “Everyone agrees that there is a lending problem for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK,” writes Andrew Haldane, chief economist of the Bank of England, in The Telegraph. “The stock of lending to UK SMEs has been falling for at least four years and the stock […]

FT Minds Money&Co. SME Funding Gap

It’s official. The Financial Times is mindful of the funding gap clearly demonstrated by independent research commissioned by Money&Co. and published on this site. “The biggest bar to growth remains ignorance,” reports the FT. “Money & Co. commissioned a survey that claimed UK SMEs had an annual unmet need for finance of £4.3bn. The study, […]

Business: Mind The £4.3 Billion Funding Gap!

A funding gap of £4.3 billion is holding back small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and preventing economic growth, according to new research released today by Money&Co., the cutting edge person-to-business (P2B) crowdfunding business. The findings show the severe challenges SMEs face when trying to access finance. The study, conducted by research agency Populus on behalf […]