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Cryptoland: Idealists, Charlatans Somehow Create A Dangerous But Viable Future

In the final stage of his odyssey through cryptos, digital tokens and currencies, our communications director, award-winning journalist Martin Baker, draws some sobering conclusions and reveals his own plans for potential future investment in this volatile sector. The conventional wisdom nowadays is that cryptocurrencies have moved beyond being tools of criminality. From what I see, […]

Swiss Bank Shareholders Get Token Offer – A 21st-Century ‘Rights Issue’

Regular visitors to this News section will be aware that we believe 2021 is set to be the year the token. On the back of the resurgent strength of cryptocurrencies, digital money has been gaining acceptance from the mainstream. The story below cold be seen as this century’s version of a rights issue. Finextra reports: […]

Central Banks Look To Set Up Cross-Border Digital Payment System

As part of our early-year focus on tokenisation and the game of catch-up being played by central banks to launch their own digital currencies (CBDCs) and related systems of regulation, we offer an excerpt from a news story by or friends at Finextra: An investigation into the use of multiple wholesale CBDCs for cross-border payments […]

Tokens And The Nature Of Money in 2021 And Beyond

As previously reported here, in the short term, we’ll see plenty of digital token launches this year. In the longer term, the very nature of what we understand by money is changing. Interoperable programmable money, anyone? A think piece in Crowdfundinsider is over this one… Money is the foundational layer of any economy. It provides […]