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Bid Process, Managed Portfolio Option – And A-Rated, 7% Yield Loan Latest

Our latest loan offering, A-rated and yielding seven per cent, is currently 15 per cent filled. As it attracts bids from registered lenders the opportunity to review that bid process presents itself. Some of our lenders have been rather passive – they have parked cash in their accounts without allocating it to a loan. That […]

Managed Portfolio Service Revisited – Plus Loan Offer Latest

With several new loans in the pipeline, our popular managed portfolio service is likely to become more prominent. Here’s a brief reminder of its attractions. Clients of the Money&Co Portfolio Service have access to loans with a typical fixed return of 7%, without the need to manage a portfolio of loans. You will receive a […]

Spreading Investment Helps Limit Risk: Here’s How

Today, we revisit a timeless classic of our repository of investment wisdom: the benefit of spreading risk. Conveniently enough, we have an investment product that facilitates just such an outcome. Diversification in your loan portfolio We run an excerpt from an earlier, home-grown piece here in News on the benefits of diversification. Clients of the […]

Platform Lenders Look Towards a More Managed New Year

The new business year has begun with the usual rash of predictions from pundits talking their own book. One of the less partial and more interesting comes from an opinion piece published in AltFi. The prediction of closer union between mainstream asset management and platform lending is well argued, and such a development will serve […]

Managed P2P Portfolio Seeks To Offer Extra Security – Plus Loan Latest

Our friends at P2P Finance News report Money&Co.’s move to promote managed portfolio investing. MONEY&CO is introducing a managed portfolio product that it says will offer extra security to investors by ensuring more diversification. The peer-to-peer business lender, which was founded by City ‘superwoman’ Nicola Horlick, is planning to discontinue single-loan offerings in favour of […]

The Pluses Of P2P Portfolio Management

With yesterday’s successful closing of a £250,000, five-year, B+ loan, we thought we’d focus on the managed portfolio service. More loans are coming online shortly, and that provides further opportunity for diversification and loan portfolio management. The managed portfolio service aims to generate gross income of 8 per cent (7 per cent net of charges) […]

Reasons To Be Cheerful: Managed Portfolio Service And New IFISA Season

Our friends at Marketing Eye offer a fairly cool appraisal of one of the most exciting – indeed, possibly revolutionary – developments in personal finance. The advent of the Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account (ISA) allow investors to put up to £20,000 into an account, and enjoy its income, tax-free. The average return achieved by […]

P2P Managed Portfolio Service: Amid Complexity, Clarity

Managing money is undoubtedly a complicated business. Money management is a whole sub-sector of financial services dedicated to getting the best value for capital invested. All the while, the money managers have to use their best efforts to keep investors’ capital safe. The universal, financial truth asserts itself again: there is no profit without risk. […]