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No Profit Without Risk – Crowdfunders Seek Best Regulation

Today, we offer a reminder that there is no such thing as profit without risk. Lenders need to be mindful of that fact before committing capital. Regulators, of course, try to save us from ourselves. But what type of regulation is best in the crowdfunding world? Money&Co. co-founder and shareholder, Luke Davis, expressed strong views […]

P2P Lending ‘Brilliantly Innovative’ Says Government Minister

FT Adviser carries a report of welcome words from City minister Harriett Baldwin. Ms Baldwin has branded peer-to-peer lending a “brilliantly innovative new form of finance – which we want to see continue to grow and evolve.” “In a speech to the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) Ms Baldwin said peer-to-peer lending can plug the funding […]