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IFISAs: What Are They And When Will They Be Here?

“So what the heck is an Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account (IFISA)?” asks Oliver Smith in The Memo. He proceeds to answer his own question: “Essentially it’s a more tax-efficient way of investing your hard-earned cash with “alternative” investments. “Peer-to-peer lending, where anyone can put up cash for borrowers and receive interest on loans made, has […]

The Secret Life Of Online P2P Loans

FT Alphaville carries an interesting blog that delves into the complexities that can lurk beneath the surface of making a loan to a small business. It affords an opportunity to explain what peer-to-peer lending with Money&Co. is all about. First, we offer an extended excerpt from the thought-provoking Alphaville piece. “Here’s a fairly simple problem to […]