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UK And US Crowdfunders Set To “Come Of Age”

Coming to a market near you – peer-to-peer crowdfunding Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick finds it hard to believe that the UK stockmarket reached an all-time high (by definition, a peak it has failed to re-scale) some 15 years ago. And yet, she argues, it makes sense. The boom was driven by excitement over the internet […]

What Is This Woman’s Secret?

There’s an exciting announcement coming up… watch this space The secret is clearly not the identity of the Money&Co. CEO. The name “Nicola Horlick” is something of a give-away. But the texture of the picture has a lot to do with what’s coming up. As we reported earlier, there’s gold in them there pixels. Keep […]

US Crowdfunder LendingClub Divides Opinion

  Coming to the US stockmarket  – but a flotation is all about opinions on share valuation, not lending At Money&Co. we’re understandably interested in the progress of our American cousins in the US loan-based crowdfunding market. The US market is regulated differently, has a different emphasis (in essence it’s more business-orientated, while in the […]