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Globavista Loan Comes Online With ‘A’ Rating

As one door closes, another opens. The £500,000 B-rated loan offer by soft furnishings manufacturer, Ultimate 99, is 81 per cent funded, and will close in nine days. Meanwhile, we are pleased to welcome a new £500,000 loan offer on site. Globavista has obtained an A rating from our credit-analysis process, and is seeking a […]

What’s In A Credit Rating? Security, Access, Yield Re-Examined

Our mantra for savers is simple: security, access, yield. Today we take an in-depth look at one element of this troika. First, let’s deal with the easy bits. If hard-pressed savers and deposit accountholders are looking for a good return on their capital, the yield issue is easily settled. Banks are slashing their deposit rates […]