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Marketplace P2P Lending: What’s In A Name?

Names: that which we call a rose would smell as sweet, and all that has direct relevance to today’s fast-moving crowfunding market. “Here’s the conundrum. We know exactly what we do at Money&Co., but we can’t be quite so certain what we’re called,” writes our director of communications in the crowdfunding intelligence commentary vehicle, nurturemoney.com. “Yes, […]

P2P Lending Gets A Fresh Boost From The Mainstream

We’ve shamelessly grabbed today’s headline straight from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). What we’re noticing from our marketplace lending (otherwise known as peer-to-peer [P2P] business lending) perspective is the mainstream media repeatedly stumbling over the fact that crowdfunded P2P loans are an increasingly important source of finance for business. We offer the tail end of […]

Crowdfunding Platform Widens Intelligence Net

Symbid, a crowdfunding and analysis platform based in Holland, is set to revamp its take on crowdfunding. The platform originally focused on helping entrepreneurs find equity investors for their start-ups. But it seems the editorial remit is changing, to include more than just equity, but also debt funding. “When it comes to funding, one size […]

Greens Claim Banking Not Fit For Purpose – So What’s The Alternative?

The Financial Times (subscription required) reports that the Green Party believes that the “the existing banking system has failed and is no longer fit for purpose”.  It would retain the UK government stake in Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group, which were part-nationalised during the financial crisis, and use them to create a […]

What’s In A Credit Rating? Security, Access, Yield Re-Examined

Our mantra for savers is simple: security, access, yield. Today we take an in-depth look at one element of this troika. First, let’s deal with the easy bits. If hard-pressed savers and deposit accountholders are looking for a good return on their capital, the yield issue is easily settled. Banks are slashing their deposit rates […]