Monthly Archives: June 2018

Wake Up Your Money! Inflation Is 3%, Average M&C P2P Yield Is 8%

Interest rates are low and look set to stay that way for a while. Cash deposits that qualify for Individual Savings Accounts offer an average return of 1.03 per cent, according to research carried out by Money&Co. Our lenders, in the four years we have been facilitating peer-to-peer (P2P) loans, have achieved returns of over […]

New Loan Offer Latest – Plus Future Of FinTech Breakfast Event News

We start the new week with two current loan offerings available on site, and with several more in the pipeline. Money&Co. brings individuals looking for excellent returns on capital together with carefully vetted small companies seeking funds for growth. The auctions are still open on the two current offers, as detailed below: Webuyanyhome is 84 […]

FinTech Set To Lift Off – Plus Breakfast Event News

One loan offer closes, another opens. Money&Co. is hosting two loan offers, both risk-rated A, on offer – with more to come. Our platform brings carefully vetted small companies seeking funds to grow together with individuals seeking good returns on capital. Money&Co. lenders have averaged over 8 per cent across the more than £11 million […]