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P2P Property Lending ‘Disrupts’ Market

The peer-to-peer (P2P) lending market is evolving all the time. Mortgage Introducer runs a feature on “disruptive” – very much a buzz word, but still appropriate – aspects of P2P lending. “The low cost structure associated with peer to peer lending has enabled platforms to pass on benefits to both borrowers and investors. Perceived superior […]

P2P To Force Wealth Managers To Adapt Or Face Extinction

Adapt or face irrelevance… or extinction. Not our words, but those of the international media outlet, World Finance, quoting a report from accountants and consultants, EY. The report continues: “Many paradigms that governed investor behaviour have long since been discredited. Firms that fail to adjust will face severe challenges for continued profitability and growth. Whether relying upon […]

Benign Disruption – FinTech, P2P And Money&Co.

Today we share Business Insider’s report on the disruption caused by FinTech – the broad sector, of which Money&Co.’s peer-to-peer lending operations form a key part. “Fintech – or financial technology – is one of the hottest areas of technology right now, with money pouring into the sector, startups springing up all over the place, […]