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Another Day, Another Tech Fund – P2P And Loan Latest

Another day, another technology investor, so it seems. Our friends at Business Insider bring us a report of a new fund investing in tech start-ups. “Saul and Robin Klein are a father and son team who have invested in some of Europe’s biggest technology startups. Between them they have backed TransferWise, Citymapper, TweetDeck, Graze, Zoopla, […]

Getting The Balance Right On P2P Crowdfunding

It’s a difficult balancing act for personal finance and investment journalists. On the one hand, they want to bring individual investors the latest in cutting-edge investment opportunities. On the other, they are quite rightly concerned about steering investors into a fad or novelty. The Guardian does a good job of treading that middle path. The […]

Guardian Blogger Escapes Great Savings Robbery

Sometimes we feel like we’re preaching to the converted. Regular readers may think we bang on rather too much about what we term The Great Savings Robbery – the low yields on offer for the £1.4 trillion (yes, a thousand times £1.4 billion) that Building Society Association figures show is lying around on deposit at […]