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FinTech Promises Bright SME Funding Future – Plus Loan Latest

The financial technology sector is the future, no doubt of that. FinExtra reports on an initiative from a government quango, Innovate, which is funnelling money to small and medium-sized enterprises. Our current contribution is going rather well, with 23 per cent of the fixed-rate property-backed loan on offer subscribed for at the time of writing. […]

EU Recognises Crowdfunders Need Space To Innovate

Good news from the European Union. It recognises that crowdfunding is an important and legitimate part of FinTech. It also recognises that we crowdfunders need “space to innovate and develop”. “The report finds that crowdfunding remains relatively small but is developing rapidly. If appropriately regulated, it has the potential to be a key source of […]

UK Manufacturers’ Innovate And P2P Lending Opportunities

Today is the opening of a window of opportunity for manufacturing – one of Money&Co.’s favourite sectors. We funded a £1 million “landmark” deal (the Financial Times’ phrase not ours) of Mecmesin, a medium-sized manufacturer, last year. In theory, the UK government-backed initiative from Innovate is competitive with the loan offerings on the Money&Co. site. […]