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The Continued Rise Of The Robots In The Financial Sector – Plus Loan Latest

Robo advice? Robo investing? That’s just the start for the financial sector, as FinTech moves to the fore, according to our friends at the Judge Business School. The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, has just published a new report on artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of financial […]

Cambridge Reports Thriving Alt Fi Market In Europe

The Cambridge Judge Business School is arguably the world’s leading authority on alternative finance and crowdfunding. It has just released a report on the state of the market in Europe, excluding the UK. Highlights include:   France, Germany and the Netherlands are the top three countries for online alternative finance by market volume in Europe, […]

Crowdfunding’s Name Game

TechCrunch runs a piece on nomenclature – ventilating an argument we’ve been airing for some time. The industry needs to be more precise in its terminology, as loose usage creates confusion. At Money&Co. we operate in a sub-sector of crowdfunding. Our commercial activity is to bring individuals together with carefully vetted small companies seeking to borrow […]

‘Good Governance Begets Good Growth’ – Huffington Post

Writing in the Huffington Post, Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick offers praise for the UK government and its enlightened policy towards non-mainstream sources of finance to encourage the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SNEs).   “The UK government’s role in encouraging alternative finance should be acknowledged. The regulatory regime is relatively benign for platforms, which […]

‘P2P Crowdfunded Loans Can Offer Steady Returns Like Fixed-Income Assets’

The Judge Business School of Cambridge University is a beacon of clarity and measured thought in the field of alternative finance, of which crowdfunding is an increasingly important part. Today, we offer extracts of a new report, published online. The outline features key figures at the Judge school, including Bryan Zhang, director of policy and […]

European Benchmarking Report – Cambridge The Best Judge

Mercator Advisory Group, a payments consultancy, has produced a new, if incomplete, report on our sector. Far more authoritative and comprehensive is the Moving Mainstream report, masterminded by leading Cambridge University academic, Bryan Zhang. This free report is available by clicking here. Bryan spoke at the recent Discovering The Power Of The Crowd conference, co-sponsored […]

Cambridge Pan-European Finance Study To Break New Ground

Our research trip to Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, and interview with leading crowdfund academic Bryan Zhang Zheng revealed some exciting information, although much of it is embargoed for Monday. “Alternative finance, with crowdfunding a big part of it, is expanding and developing, and transparency is key to this,” said Bryan. “It is opening up […]