Monthly Archives: August 2014

Manufacturer Milturn Seeks Half Million

Movie industry and yachting opticals from Milturn West Midlands-based manufacturer Milturn is seeking £540,000 for a 48-month loan. Our credit-analysis team is suggesting an indicative yield of 8.3 per cent for the loan for this company, which has been given a B+ rating. Below, we reproduce the company’s own words, visible to registered users on […]

Another Crowdfunding Success: Forest Fuels Get 5-Year £275k Loan

We are very pleased to announce another successful loan auction on the Money&Co. platform. Forest Fuels Limited has raised £275,000 for growth. The five-year loan will bring lenders an average yield of 8.5 per cent. Forest Fuels is, in its own words, “an award-winning, established and profitable specialist wood fuel consultant and supplier to small […]

Crowdfunding Lenders Get Best Investment Rates

The crowd wants to be shown the money… Crowdfunding is being taken more and more seriously as a medium for prime retail savings rates.  Crowdfunding intelligence platform, Another Crowd, puts it this way: “Many come to crowdfunding as investors, in search of top savings rates. Deposit-account investors certainly have had a dismal time of it. […]

Crowdfunding Eager For NISA Moves

Crowdfunders to offer a slice of investment pie – but when, how? One of the great benefits of crowdfunding investment is its immediacy. Investors and lenders get to make a direct connection, via the crowdfunding platform, with the company soliciting funds. You get to see who wants money, and why. And things seemed to get […]

Why Security Is The Best Investment At Money&Co.

 One of the reasons we believe Money&Co. has the best loan crowdfunding offering in the UK market, is the quality and rigour of our credit analysis. Here, Money&Co. asks questions of one of the questioners-in-chief, Toby Furnivall  (pictured above, standing, at one of our lender breakfasts). Toby is a senior member of our credit analysis […]

Crowdfunding To Make Its Own Market

The loan market helps our crowdfunding lenders connect to each other and trade loans In this week’s blog, Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick argues that our recently created loan market is a must for lenders. The loan market allows investors looking for the best returns by lending to companies to sell their loans to other registered […]

Crowdfunding Liquidity A Must For Lenders

Small business need more than occasional drips of credit One of the reasons people cite for not wanting to invest in unquoted securities, whether that is shares in private companies or loans to private companies, is the lack of liquidity. Everyone wants to know that if there is an unexpected financial event in their lives, […]

Crowdfunding Rates Better Than Best Bonds

What do most investors and lenders want? At Money&Co., we believe the answer is a high-quality company to lend to, and the ability to realise that investment at short notice. To talk it up in terms of financial jargon, that means a combination of asset quality, security and liquidity. The news and commentary website,, […]