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Money&Co. Set To Celebrate Female Entrepreneurs

The Money&Co. team is pleased to be attending the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs in Bristol this Thursday. Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick will be speaking at the event, which, according to the organisers, “will give the city’s female entrepreneurs an opportunity to be inspired by entrepreneurial speakers; to meet advisers who can help their businesses grow; attend […]

Need To Know: UK SMEs ‘Held Back By Lack Of Alt Fi Awareness’

The Alternative Funding: New Solutions To Old Problems conference has been well received and generated plenty of media coverage, notably from our friends at Share Radio. Hear Money&Co. CEO Nicola Horlick interviewed by Share Radio’s Ed Bowsher. But alternative sources of finance are still a minority taste – for the moment at least. Witness a new […]

P2P Rewards Come With Risks: Lessons From TrustBuddy Flop

Respected crowdfund commentator David Stevenson in Alt Fi provides a thoughtful analysis of the fallout following the failure of Swedish peer-to-peer (P2P) lender, TrustBuddy. The article serves as a timely reminder of the risks that come with committing money via alternative-finance media. Here’s an extended excerpt from the Alt Fi article: “The TrustBuddy debacle has […]

Alternative Funding In Action – Plus ISA Limit Latest

Monday’s Alternative Funding – News Solutions To Old Problems conference concluded with a panel discussion chaired by Ed Bowsher of Share Radio. After a day of extremely interesting and incisive presentations (invariably followed by question-and-answer sessions) Ed chaired a panel session that reprised the major issues and points of debate over the course of the […]

Alternative Funding Conference Is Making News

Thanks to all involved at yesterday’s hugely enjoyable and valuable Alternative Funding: News Solutions To Old Problems conference at the RAC club in London’s Pall Mall. “It’s really good to make a connection with colleagues in the industry, potential borrowers and individuals who are already lending or considering making a peer-to-peer loan,” said Nicola Horlick, […]

Guardian Blogger Escapes Great Savings Robbery

Sometimes we feel like we’re preaching to the converted. Regular readers may think we bang on rather too much about what we term The Great Savings Robbery – the low yields on offer for the £1.4 trillion (yes, a thousand times £1.4 billion) that Building Society Association figures show is lying around on deposit at […]

Of Sharing, Lending And Alternative Funding

“The sharing economy in the UK is surging, attracting investment and providing budding entrepreneurs with a platform to take great ideas out to the population.,” says The Director magazine. Well, we have to say that here at Money&Co., we (ahem) share that sentiment. The “sharing economy” includes financial crowdfunding (equity and loan financing – such […]

Exchanging The Norm – Alternative Finance Forges Ahead

CityA.M..’s Harriet Green, a leading journalist in crowdfunding and a moderator at next Monday’s Money&Co. co-sponsored conference, reports on a very welcome move – one that moves our “alternative” sector yet further into the mainstream. “City investors are getting an exchange to trade crowdfunded investments, as the UK’s first crowdfunding marketplace launches today. “Crowdfunding platform Crowd2Fund […]

CityAM’s Good Debt Guide – Conference Latest

Harriet Green of CityA.M. offers a consumer guide choosing a good crowdfunded loan. The article features some trenchant and very sensible commentary from independent alternative finance analyst, AllStreet. “First and foremost, take a serious look at how a platform handles a loan, says Emanuela Vartolomei, founder and chief executive of All Street, the independent alternative […]

Media Moves To Make Alt Fi And Crowdfunding Mainstream

We’re delighted to report that mainstream media appear to be waking up to the increasing importance of alternative finance, with crowdfunding at its heart. Rebecca Burn-Callander writes in The Telegraph: “Keith Morgan, chief executive of the government-owned and run British Business Bank, makes the bold statement that his organisation is behind the rise of one […]