Monthly Archives: September 2021

When Worlds Collide – More Fallout From The Advance Of Cryptos

More flak from the high-speed collision between cryptocurrencies and mainstream finance. Our friends at Finextra report the latest: The Securities and Exchange Commission intends to sue Coinbase over a planned interest-earning product, says the cryptocurrency exchange. Last week, the SEC sent Coinbase a Wells notice warning that it intends to sue in court over the […]

Central Bank Digital Currencies Seek Cross-Border Function

Regular visitors to our News section will be aware that we see central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) as a state-sponsored fake cryptocurrency. The beneficial ownership of an account is quite clear – so there’s nothing cryptic about CBDCs. They are merely digital, and the hope amongst central bankers appears to be that consumers will accept […]

The Rise Of The Cryptocurrencies Continues With Austrian Platform Deal

Today we bring you news from Austria – there’s an English version of the website for non-German speakers. With three risk models for its standard portfolios, this is an interesting option for those looking to start investing in cryptocurrency. Yet further evidence of the rapid progress of cryptos towards the mainstream. Our friends at Altfi […]