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AltFi Capital Deployment Is ‘Fairer, More Efficient And Impactful’ – Plus Loan News

Cambridge-based Crowdsurfer analyses data in the alternative finance and financial technology (FinTech) sector. Its remit includes equity, bonds, SME debt, P2P and more, as it maps global trends and patterns in alternative finance. According to a recent Crowdsurfer announcement, “the P2P sector is one that continues to mature at speed, and its growth will be […]

Moves To Transparency For P2P And Crowdfunding Are Good News

Alternative finance, crowdfunding, and its peer-to-peer (P2P) sub-sector are slowly raising awareness of their existence, and – even more slowly – gaining acceptance from investors, and the investment community. An important step forward in this direction has just been made with the help of crowdfunding intelligence platform, Crowdsurfer. Transparency and easy availability of data is […]

Crowdsurfer: Learn to Surf Before You Punt

Slow and steady to start… Today sees a guest blog from Cambridge-based researcher, Emily Mackay. Ms Mackay trawls the online world for “big data” – the numbers on capital flows, broken down by sector (equity, loan, charity, project, etc). Hers is a thoughtful and intelligent voice in the world of crowdfunding – a world that […]