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Bid Process, Managed Portfolio Option – And A-Rated, 7% Yield Loan Latest

Our latest loan offering, A-rated and yielding seven per cent, is currently 15 per cent filled. As it attracts bids from registered lenders the opportunity to review that bid process presents itself. Some of our lenders have been rather passive – they have parked cash in their accounts without allocating it to a loan. That […]

Latest Tranche of A-Rated Litigation Loan Yielding 7% Lands On Site

A new £77,600 loan offering, yielding seven per cent and risk-rated A, has landed on site. The lender is seeking to fund claims for financial mis-selling. The term of the loan is 15 months. Below are some details  from the borrower’s pitch – as ever, we’ve done due diligence but cannot warrant or guarantee the […]