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NISA Crowdfunding Permission Key To Growth – Liberum

The numbers have been crunched – and crowdfunding growth will come with NISAs New research from boutique finance house, Liberum, reveals that almost two thirds of British investors have never heard of peer-to-peer (P2P) or Person-to-business (P2B) crowdfunding. The research also shows that just one person in fifty has invested, or has taken an active […]

NISA Consultation Drags On Despite UK Saving Crisis

It’s not rocket science, but political consultation is taking time How much longer will the UK government take over consulting about which assets qualify for New Individual Savings Accounts (NISAs)? The savings situation is among UK consumers is critical, as a shocking report in The Mirror, reveals: “Nearly half of working families have less than […]

NISA, Pension Income To Come From Crowdfunding – City AM

NISA and pension income-seekers could find crowdfunded loans the last piece of the pie Some call it peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. Others prefer to call it person-to-business (P2B). Either way, Money&Co.’s crowdfunding sector is doing well. As City AM puts it: “The peer-to-peer lending industry is booming. Figures from the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association showed that over […]

NISAs To Add Crowdfund Assets, Late 2014

When will the UK government press the button on crowdfunded NISAs?  The New Individual Savings Account (NISA), which enables individuals to hold up to £15,000 of assets tax-free, will expand their investment remit to include crowdfunding assets. The big question is when the government  will  allow them to do so. The administration’s intentions are clear […]

Crowdfunding Eager For NISA Moves

Crowdfunders to offer a slice of investment pie – but when, how? One of the great benefits of crowdfunding investment is its immediacy. Investors and lenders get to make a direct connection, via the crowdfunding platform, with the company soliciting funds. You get to see who wants money, and why. And things seemed to get […]

Crowdfunding To Get NISA

NISAs, with tax-free returns, expected to include crowdfunded investments and loans “It has been a good week for savers,” opines Richard Evans, quite rightly in our view, in the Telegraph. On Tuesday, the amount that could be put into tax-free Isas – or NISAs (New Individual Savings Accounts as they are now called) rose to […]