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Punters, Pints And P2P Opinions

It’s the time of year when punters – and punters’ opinions – proliferate. That’s partly because there’s a shortage of news, and partly, in some cases one suspects, because there’s been some old-school, Fleet Street pint-related punditry. This, despite the fact that alcohol and keyboards do not mix. We’ll be offering our own sober, considered […]

Baby Boomer? Gen-Xer? Time To Get With The Crowd

Following rapidly in the slipstream of the high-profile initial public offering (IPO) of Lending Club last week, this week saw the IPO of OnDeck Capital. OnDeck, which, Like Lending Club, is positioned as a P2P lender, raised $200 million. “A wealth of non-traditional alternatives have popped up online over the last eight years,” reports CNN […]

Money&Co. Over The Moon At Growing P2P Maturity

There are signs, early ones as yet, that the young sub-sector of crowdfunding inhabited by Money&Co. is growing up. Once upon a time, crowdfunding was a vaguely trendy, catch-all term for anything from start-ups seeking equity investment, to group property investment, to a charity raise and beyond. One fellow in the United States sought money from […]

“OAP Bonds Will Tie Up Cash And Yield Just 3.2%” – Money Week Column

Is there something in there for the older saver, investor or lender? A recent item in the redoubtable Money Week sparks debate. The writer, David Thornton, was lamenting the miserable plight of income-dependent savers and investors. Naturally, given that Money&Co.’s mission is to help income-poor savers and investors to become lenders (the average gross yield […]

Power Of Crowd Still Betters Best Savings Rates

How are we doing? Back in the summer, just after Money&Co. launched, CEO Nicola Horlick wrote in Business First magazine that “if the banks aren’t going to do anything about [their failure to lend], then it is up to individuals to provide the capital that companies so badly need, and quite rightly they will expect […]

But What Happens If It All Goes Bang?

We’re proud of what we do at Money&Co. Getting people together with carefully vetted businesses – which provide excellent returns in exchange for the capital they need to grow – is something that serves everyone well. Lenders, borrowers and general prosperity (the commonwealth, with a small “c”) all win. But what if it all goes […]

Government Misses SME Lending Targets – But Money&Co. Lenders Can Help

The government’s programmes to help lending to businesses, especially the small and medium-sized businesses to which Money&Co. facilitates loans, are going to reach just 25 per cent of their lending targets, according to a report in the Independent. “Vince Cable’s Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) forecast in March that the British Business Bank, […]

Money&Co.: High-Income, Tax-Free P2P Savings Ahead – But Banks Are “Atrophied” (FT)

The remarkable march of Money&Co.’s peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending sector continues. The message is simple: we bring people together with business to provide excellent returns for lenders and much-needed capital for borrowing companies. And that message is spreading fast. Yesterday, we wrote about the possibility of Money&Co.’s producing a tax-free offering that would yield around […]

Tax-Free 7% Income: Government Must Act On P2P NISAs

Imagine this. It’s not a pie-in-the-sky dream, but a realistic possibility: a tax-free income product with a yield of over 7 per cent. That’s the kind of offering we hope to be able to make if the UK government acts on its avowed intention to include loans like Money&Co.’s (peer-to-peer [P2P] business loans) in New […]