Monthly Archives: November 2015

What Happens When The Crowd Takes A Wrong Turn?

Today, a cautionary tale. What happens when a crowdfunded project goes wrong, asks BBC technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones. He continues: “And do those who back ideas on platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have any rights when they do not deliver on their promises? That is what the more than 12,000 people who backed the […]

FCA Regulatory Review: P2P Or Not P2P?

P2P or not P2P? That is the question. Over the past 18 months, we’ve run a series of articles on the general awareness – or the lack of it – of alternative sources of finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This AVIVA survey was just one of many to point up the fact that […]

BBC Newsnight Debate: Do Bankers Really Deserve Respect?

“It is perhaps a mark of how far we’ve come since 2008 that the governor of the Bank of England can suggest that the time has come for people to start showing bankers a little respect,” opines CityA.M., commenting on Governor Mark Carney’s speech this week. That speech prompted BBC’s flagship news programme, Newsnight, to […]

SMEs And Entrepreneurs – Here’s How To Impress

How do you write a business plan to impress investors – or, indeed, would-be lenders? At the recent Festival of Female Entrepreneurs, organised by Enterprise Nation, Money&Co.’s CEO, Nicola Horlick, addressed this very point. Click here to find an article featuring a short video of Nicola explaining it all in her own words. Entrepreneurs and […]

Crowdfunding’s Future – ‘Uberisation’ And Beyond

What is the future of crowdfunding? What type of financing should small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) be seeking to help them grow? Money&Co.’s CEO, Nicola Horlick, offered something of a tour de force on the topic at the recent Alternative Finance conference, sponsored by Cubism Law and co-sponsored by Money&Co. You can see her speech […]

Crowdfunding: Two Global Perspectives

Today we bring you two world views. The first is from Robert Reoch of Crowdnetic. Speaking at the recent Alternative Finance: News Solution To Old Problems, Robert offers an extremely perceptive view of the ever-changing and fast-moving currents of alternative finance. Please forgive the sound quality – there was an intermittent problem in the sound […]