Monthly Archives: May 2017

Yield Obsessives? Opinions Divided On P2P Investors’ Motives

We start the week by examining contradictory signals as to where the alternative finance industry is going, and what is driving it. We have consistently stated that investors in the peer-to-peer (P2P) asset class (known in plain English as “lenders”) should consider security and access to capital, as well as the yield that P2P loans […]

A New Direction: IFISAs (And Savers) Benefit From Cash Transfers

Our friends at P2P Finance News bring the latest report of the fast-increasing popularity of the Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account (Innovative Finance ISA, or IFISA). Here’s an excerpt from the article: “One third of money placed into Innovative Finance ISAs (IFISA) on individual platforms in the previous tax year was from transfers rather than […]

Property Lending P2P: Value And Security At Lower End

There are some concerns over the property market in the UK. Of course, everything is a political football ahead of June’s General Election, but one commentator described the residential housing market as “broken”. That may be a vote-winning sound bite, but what about the investment aspects of lending? Our friends at Commercial & Bridging report […]

P2P “Can Form Stable Portion Of Investors’ Portfolios” – FT Adviser

The mainstream media is beginning to take peer-to-peer (P2P) lending seriously. Our friends at FT Adviser offer some analysis of P2P as an asset class that might be recommended to the clients of financial advisers. We reproduce excerpts from the article, with our comments. “[P2P] has reached a stage of maturity where it can be […]