Monthly Archives: February 2018

Cryptocurrencies, ICOs And Those $9M Pizzas – Book And Podcast

Money&Co.’s communications director is Martin Baker, the author and award-winning journalist. He has just written a short, very timely book that attempts, in the words of the cryptocurrency industry, to “mine” the truth from the fictions surrounding Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that underpins them. Did somebody really buy two pizzas using Bitcoin – […]

The Benefits Of Spreading P2P Risk – Plus Loan Latest

After yesterday’s examination of access to investment, today we look at risk. A recurring theme of our news coverage and investment commentary is the benefit of diversifying risk (see, for example, the video on lending on this page). Rather than dash for growth, we have taken a conservative approach to borrowing. That strategy has helped […]

Getting Your Money Back: Access To Cash For P2P Loans Revisited

As the Individual Savings Account (ISA) season gets into full swing ahead of the close of the tax year in April, we’ve been contacting some of our registered lenders – especially those with a chunk of capital parked in their account and not earning interest. It’s our role to vet borrowers very carefully, make sure […]

Cryptocurrencies, ICOs – A New Book, A Podcast, And P2P Loan Latest

The investment story of the autumn and winter has been the rise and rise (and fall and fall) of cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin at the fore. As we’ve pointed out before, the area of cryptocurrencies is volatile, but, if it can be linked to real assets, potentially interesting. Here’s how the Daily Express reports the latest […]

Bitcoin, ICOs And Cryptocurrencies – Mining Truth From Fiction

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly popular amongst peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms. We can see the virtue of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in that it can create liquidity where there was one before. The ICO is an interesting animal. But we’ll not be doing an ICO just for the sake of liquidity. At Money&Co. we’re old-fashioned enough […]