Monthly Archives: January 2020

36H The New Measure For Platform Lending – Plus Loan Latest

No-one could accuse the platform lending sub-sector of the alternative finance industry of chasing snappy PR concepts. Following the demise of the P2P Finance Association (which only had a handful of big players, anyway) the quango Innovate Finance has announced the launch of a new body 36H. 36H is not a clothing measurement, but a […]

The Benefits Of Spreading Risk – Managed Portfolio Service

With the arrival of more loan offerings on site imminent, the opportunity to diversify loan holdings – always a good idea – will be a little greater. We thought it opportune therefore to revisit our popular managed portfolio service, which has in-built diversification. Here’s a brief reminder of its attractions. Clients of the Money&Co Portfolio […]

Platform Lenders Look Towards a More Managed New Year

The new business year has begun with the usual rash of predictions from pundits talking their own book. One of the less partial and more interesting comes from an opinion piece published in AltFi. The prediction of closer union between mainstream asset management and platform lending is well argued, and such a development will serve […]