Monthly Archives: July 2021

UK SMEs Have Renewed Appetite For Unsecured Credit

Another side-effect of Covid-19? There’s no point in speculating as to the reasons, the facts themselves are interesting enough. UK small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are hungrier than ever for unsecured credit. Money&Co. has strict criteria for lending, and requires security before agreeing to facilitate a loan. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider report: The iwoca SME Expert Index […]

Central Banks Move To Act In Concert Over CBDCs

More news reaches us of the attempts to popularise digital accounts with central banks. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are not cryptos, rather an electronic account with a central bank. The latest move, as reported by our friends at Finextra, is for international co-operation between central banks. The Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Banque […]

Swiss Central Bank Nudged Towards CBDC Launch

The Swiss government gets a prod from its own banking association on progress towards a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). As regular readers of this News section will be aware, we have pointed out that CBDCs are digital, but not crypto-currencies. A British CBDC (Britcoin – it’s in development) would mean effectively having a bank […]

Funds Flow To Hot FinTech Sector

It’s deal time in the Fintech sector, with IPOs and funding rounds coming to the market, as previously reported here, in profusion. Our friends at Altfi offer reports of two major recent deals. Lending platform CrowdProperty has bagged a £300m five-year institutional funding line with a new unnamed UK asset manager. The latest investment is designed to […]

The Rise Of FinTech Robots Hits SME Ceiling

The robots may be rising, but the machines are not taking over completely – at least not yet. Our friends at Finextra report on some recent research undertaken by a digital bank: 78% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) call for digital transformation of banking to be balanced with a human element, finds new research […]

SME Alternative Lending With A Green Tinge

You might think ethical screening would simply be a part of due diligence. If a ;ender genuinely knows the client, one assumes that the ins and outs of a borrower’s business model – including the moral/ecological implications of the operation – become apparent). Lenders on this site can be sure we’ve looked hard at the […]

FinTechs In a Hurry To Launch IPOs

There’s a lot going on in our sector just now, with a rush of FinTech companies on both sides of the Atlantic seeking IPOs. Crowdfundinisder reports a preparatory step, a funding raise in the UK: FaizPay, a company offering a truly multi-channel fast and fair payments service that’s built on Open Banking rails, has secured 87% […]

CCAF Report Shows Robust Altfi Industry In UK And Europe

The Cambridge Centre For Alternative Finance (CCAF) has just issued its latest global report on alternative finance. Money&Co. participated in this important piece of research. The full report is available here. Our friends at Crowdfundinsider highlight various points from this huge piece of work. Here’s an excerpt of the reporting on Europe and the UK’s […]