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Transparency, Data Disclosure Are P2P Essentials – Plus IFISA Latest

Congratulations to our friends at AltFi for one of the most thoughtful and perceptive pieces we’ve seen on the fast-growing peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector. As a player in this sub-sector of the crowdfunding space, Money&Co. welcomes well-informed analysis and comment of the kind just published by AltFi co-founder, Rupert Taylor. Mr Taylor starts with the […]

High-Tech Future – Bane Or Bonanza? Plus Loan Close

Today, as our latest A+ property-backed loan offering closes, we look at what the future holds. Our communications director, award-winning journalist and author, Martin Baker, is writing a follow-up to his highly acclaimed first book of satirical financial essays, A Fool And His Money.  Getting Fooled Again? asks whether the financial world is making the same […]

Seller Beware! Overpricing P2P Assets Can Backfire

We could have told you so. In fact, one of us did: the mingling of alternative finance with the mainstream is to be welcomed – but only providing the financials are right. The highest-profile example of such dangers is surely the flotation of Lending Club on the New York Stock Exchange in December 2014. Lending Club was a […]

Risky Business: P2P Lenders Assess Loss Potential

As regular readers and users will be aware, it‘s our duty to point out that lending, while potentially lucrative, carries risk. Our friends a AltFi report on a fellow P2P lender, and its treatment of risk: “RateSetter has reinstated the expected losses in its portfolio and now gives us two cohort level expected loss figures to […]

No Profit Without Risk: The Eternal Truth Of Equity And P2P

It’s a cliche, but, like many cliches, is contains truth: there’s no profit without risk. Two recent stores from the equity side of the crowdfunding fence illustrate the point well. Our friends at CityA.M. report on an equity return report – a reprise of investment performance – released by Seedrs during the week: “The platform […]

P2P Crowdfunding Enters More Mature, 2.0 Stage

We’re well into the era of a more mature crowdfunding world. In internet jargon, that would be known as Crowdfunding 2.0. Luke Davis, co-founder of Money&Co., offers his view in CityA.M. of how what the 2.0 stage should look like for UK P2P platforms. “In the five years since its inception, debt crowdfunding has supported […]

Alternative Finance Options Post-Brexit – Plus Loan Latest

One of our favourite alternative-finance writers, Harriet Green of CityA.M. (not the chunky bowler pictured above, obviously – but cricket is relevant), looks at minibonds, in the light of the recent base-rate cut and the Brexit decision. “Following the Brexit decision, lower interest rates are likely to see investors looking for alternative ways of seeking […]

CMA Report May Have Life-Changing Impact For FinTech

Conrad Ford, founder of Funding Options, looks in CityA.M. at the alternative-finance implications of the Competition and Markets Authority’s report on open banking. He compares it to finance’s equivalent of the Cambrian Explosion – which saw the emergence of new life forms.   “[It is] an impending financial services revolution has been compared to the […]

Fund Manager Recognition Helps P2P – Plus Loan Latest

What we do is simple. We bring individual lenders seeking good returns on capital together with carefully vetted small companies looking for funds to expand. It’s known as peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending, and it’s becoming more and more popular. The industry is young (for example, we’re reasonably well established and yet we’ve been trading for […]