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The Benefits Of Spreading Risk – Managed Portfolio Service

With the arrival of more loan offerings on site imminent, the opportunity to diversify loan holdings – always a good idea – will be a little greater. We thought it opportune therefore to revisit our popular managed portfolio service, which has in-built diversification. Here’s a brief reminder of its attractions. Clients of the Money&Co Portfolio […]

Diversity Is Key To P2P Consolidation – Plus Inheritance Tax Latest

There’s been some head-scratching in analytical quarters as to why the long-predicted consolidation in the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector hasn’t materialised. The answer from one commentator is a lack of diversity in product offering among some P2P players. We think that’s a sensible argument. Diversity in product offering – and in the loans on offer […]

P2P Investment Trust Struggle Highlights Need To Diversify

Regular visitors will be aware that we have been reporting regularly on the chequered history of peer-to-peer loan assets when held in the stock-market-listed vehicle that is an investment trust. Here’s an excerpt from a recent report by P2P Finance News: FUNDING Circle’s dedicated investment trust is set to close, raising questions about the future […]

P2P Investment Trusts – Market Latest, Plus Site Offer Update

Hello, and welcome back to the working week. We report regularly here on the chequered history of peer-to-peer (P2P) loans as an asset class in quoted investment trusts. Here’s the latest. Investment trusts are collective investment vehicle quoted on the stock market. They offer a liquid (quick buy/sell mechanism) way of having exposure to P2P […]

The Benefits Of Spreading P2P Risk – Plus Loan Latest

After yesterday’s examination of access to investment, today we look at risk. A recurring theme of our news coverage and investment commentary is the benefit of diversifying risk (see, for example, the video on lending on this page). Rather than dash for growth, we have taken a conservative approach to borrowing. That strategy has helped […]

Getting Through The Process Maze: Here’s How To ‘Do’ An ISA

Managing money does not come naturally to most people. It’s a finicky, often quite boring – and frequently mystifying – business. So we thought we’d try and answer a basic, very important question: How do you “do” an ISA (an Individual Savings Account)? The Money&Co. offering is an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) that can hold the […]

P2P Crowdfunding Platform Surge Is ‘Good News For Lenders’ – Nicola Horlick

Our part of crowdfunding is getting ever more crowded. Judith Evans reports in The Financial Times on a surge in the number of peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders seeking authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). “More than 100 peer-to-peer lenders have applied for full authorisation from the City regulator as entrepreneurs jostle for territory in the […]

Do Crowdfunding Loans Have Saving Grace?

The current government has been very keen to encourage individuals to invest in private companies through improving the Enterprise Investment Scheme and introducing the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. It has also made it relatively easy for individuals to invest in the debt of private companies through platforms like Money&Co. by encouraging the Financial Conduct Authority […]