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Cambridge Survey Sees P2P At Centre Of Growing AltFi Sector – Plus Loan Latest

A new survey from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance reveals a vital, fast-growing altfi industry. Indeed, the term “alternative” may soon be a misnomer, as the industry enters the mainstream. The news agency Reuters cites Bryan Zhang, a friend of Money&Co., and reports the findings in a news piece. We run an excerpt below. […]

New Loans, New Look, New Hope For Savers And Savings Market

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. We’re part of a savings revolution, of changing the way the public – specifically individual investors – think about how to save and invest. Our latest A-rated peer-to-peer (P2P) loan offering has a gross yield of eight per cent, and is proving popular with investors. Login […]

Digital Convergence Latest: P2P And Challenger Banks

Thanks to our friends at AltFi for the latest report on the convergence of mainstream and “alternative” finance. The over-used epithet “disruption” really does apply to financial technology. Administration and credit analysis are both massively enhanced by the advent of cutting-edge technology. For now, at least, big data and artificial intelligence alone are not enough […]

British Business Bank And P2P Sector Deliver £717m Credit To Fund-Hungry SMEs

It’s often dangerous to draw broad conclusions from small data sets. But our own positive experience of demand for peer-to-peer (P2P) business loans (from individual lenders and borrowing SMEs alike) is mirrored in the larger picture reported by our friends at P2P Finance News.   “PEER-TO-PEER lenders were among the delivery partners helping the British […]

P2P Sector Offers ‘Quick, Dynamic Funding’ – Business Matters

Hats off to Business Matters magazine, for a timely and well-observed report on the importance of alternative finance for technology companies. The initial focus is on start-ups. “UK tech start-ups are receiving a lot of attention in the press. They’re something we’re rightly proud of – the UK is a centre of innovation. Tech investment in […]

New A-Rated Loan Offer Comes To Market – Plus Loan Performance Update

The latest loan offering from one of our repeat borrowers, a financial services company, is now online. It’s A-rated for risk, and the indicative yield is 8 per cent. Bidding this morning has been brisk.  Below we provide an extended excerpt of the borrower’s summary. As usual, we’ve used our best endeavours to verify the […]

P2P Good News, Bad News Revisited – Plus Loan Latest

As our latest loan offering marches towards full funding, we bring news of our cousins in peer-to-peer (P2P) lending on the other side of the Atlantic. Our friends at AltFi report: “LendingClub, one of the world’s largest marketplace lenders, has closed its first self-sponsored securitisation. The $279.4m deal was backed by consumer loans that were […]

SMEs Seek Shelter From Alternative Funding – Plus ISA Loan Latest

Business does not exist in a vacuum. The Investment Observer looks at small and medium-sized businesses’ (SMEs) need for funding capital, and examines this need in a UK political context. It seems that, as the bank funding climate turns harsh, UK SMEs are turning to alternative sources as Brexit makes itself felt. “UK businesses are […]