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Property-Backed Loans Transform P2P And IFISA Market – Plus Loan Latest

We are not alone. Money&Co. has been in the vanguard of seeking extra security for our lenders, and focusing on property-backed peer-to-peer (P2P) loans. This means we take a legal charge on property and ensure that the loan-to-value figure offers good security. For example, in a recent string of webuyanyhomes.com loans, the loans were typically […]

New 8% Yield Property-Backed P2P Loan Lands – Plus IFISA Process Guide

We are pleased to announce the latest tranche of the Seascape offering has been released to market. The offer is for £250,000, with a fixed-rate yield of 8 per cent. The term of the loan of five years. Below we reproduce an extract of the borrowing company’s representations to lenders. While the offer has been […]

Property-Backed 8% Yield Loan Nears Close – Plus IFISA Guide

Tomorrow, we’ll be taking a closer look at the pros and cons of investing in equity, specifically start-ups seeking share capital via crowdfunding. We often look at equity crowdfunding, as it’s seen by many as an alternative (though it’s not an either/or alternative) to crowdfunded debt. This site facilitates investment in crowdfunded debt: we bring […]

Portfolio Service Has Property And Inheritance Tax Benefits – Plus Loan Latest

Money&Co. recently launched Money&Co. Portfolio, which allows lenders to lend through a managed ISA, a managed portfolio or a lending vehicle (designed to help mitigate inheritance tax).  The ISA and the lending vehicle make use of tax reliefs and so it is particularly important that we make every effort to preserve capital.  For these products, […]

Why We Love Property-Backed P2P Loans – The View Four Years On

Money&Co. completed its first loan in July 2014.  Initially, we focused on working capital loans to companies with a debenture over the company’s assets.  We are delighted that we have only had one bad debt since we launched the platform.  Our experience of lending via a platform has changed our view of what is suitable […]

No Profit Without It: Assessing Risk In P2P Lending – Plus Loans Latest

Risk In P2P Lending Ahead of a glut of new offerings on site, all with attractive yields, we thought it appropriate to remind readers, users and lenders of the risks of P2P lending. If you don’t understand the risks, you shouldn’t invest money. With that in mind, we look at the following statement: “Risk versus […]

Seventh Round Of Property-Backed 8% Fixed Rate Loan Lands

We have a new loan offering available on site with more in the pipeline. The current offer is detailed below: Project Seascape, tranche 7, is a £150,000 offering. It is already 30 per cent funded, risk-rated A, and secured against German property. It offers a fixed-interest yield of 8 per cent over a five-year term. […]

Latest News: New, Property-Backed, 8% Fixed Yield Loan Offer

We have a new A-rated, 8 per cent fixed yield, three-year loan offering on site. North East Property Developments, according to the borrower, “manages buy-to-let portfolios for individuals in the North East of England. The individuals invest their money and the company then sources properties on their behalf, refurbishes them and then lets them on […]