Monthly Archives: January 2015

‘Acknowledge Us! Savers Need FCA To Endorse P2P Loans’ – Nicola Horlick

Yesterday, we carried grim news for savers with money in bank deposit accounts. Today, a bad situation for income-dependent savers and investors just got worse. The BBC carries a report that the European Central Bank “is expected to announce it will inject up to 1 trillion euros into the ailing eurozone economy. “The ECB could […]

Breakfast Debate And The ‘Great New Year Rate Massacre’

Yesterday saw another highly successful and stimulating breakfast debate at Money&Co.’s London offices, as would-be lenders discovered more about the exciting yields on offer for those wanting to lend to business borrowers. The debate ranged over credit analysis, borrower selection, payment methods, safeguards, and regulation. The average return for Money&Co. lenders, after yesterday’s successful close […]

Crowdfunding Latest: Lenders Snap Up High-Yield Loans

We’re delighted to announce the completion of another loan on the Money&Co. platform. Benefiting from the second loan to complete this week, London-based S.M. Devine Contractors Ltd had a C+ credit rating. The loan produced a gross yield of over 14 per cent for Money&Co. lenders, and the borrower benefited from an efficient capital-raising process. […]

Getting Ahead – London Live Interviews Money&Co.’s Nicola Horlick

If you want the bigger picture, an idea of the prime mover behind the Money&Co. business, check out this interview with Money&Co. CEO, Nicola Horlick, on the London Live television station. Only at the end does the interview touch on the mechanics of Money&Co.’s peer-to-peer business lending (see Home and Lend pages for the latest […]

Borrower’s Good News – Crowdfunding Fat Lady Yet To Sing

Exciting news for ARP Enforcement Services. The fast-expanding Yorkshire-based debt-recovery company, headed up by Tony Pycroft (above), has raised 100 per cent of the £70,000 it’s looking to raise. “The business is growing rapidly and this loan is to ensure the business can cope with the growth and to further expand,” says Pycroft. To see […]

Savers Left High And Dry By Government Scheme

The fall to 0.5 per cent in the Consumer Price Index, published today by the Office for National Statistics, was widely anticipated. The fall-out may be more surprising. Today’s mainstream media coverage focuses on all the usual knock-on effects: sharply lower inflation projections, and consequent expectations of low interest rates being sustained put pressure on […]