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Forbes Latest On UK P2P Market Fireworks

David Prosser in Forbes is the latest to report the good news for borrowers, lenders and (unarguably, after the July Budget) savers. “Britain’s peer-to-peer lending sector has just enjoyed yet another record quarter, lending more than £500m to consumers and businesses for the first time in its history. In total, the eight largest platforms in […]

P2P Lending Scales New Heights

We warmly welcome more good news in our sector. The latest figures from the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) show “over £500 million of new consumer and small business loans have been provided by peer-to-peer platforms since April, the fastest rate of growth yet,” says the P2PFA. Cumulative lending by P2PFA members – including eight of […]

CityAM Says P2P Crowdfunding At ‘Watershed Moment’

CityA.M. runs a column visiting the Money&Co. space… “WHEN we look back, 2015-16 will be seen as the watershed moment: when peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and crowdfunding made the big time, transitioning from quirky innovation to a respected alternative source of finance and investment opportunities.  “The government has clearly been persuaded of the potential benefits of […]

Mail Reports Projected P2P ISA Boom – Money&Co. Does Its Bit

The Daily Mail looks at the exciting developments for the peer-to-peer lending market in last week’s Emergency Budget. We agree with both the headline – New Isa means tax-free interest from peer-to-peer investments fuelling the lend-to-save boom – and the words of caution offered by Christine Farnish, chair of the P2P Finance Association at the […]

Lenders Fund A-Rated Engineers As Crowd Promotes Female Entrepreneurs

Today, we contemplate the closing of the latest loan auction tonight, and allow ourselves a moment of congratulation. Congratulations to our lenders, who are currently achieving a gross rate of return of just over 9 per cent. Congratulations also to our borrower, Real Engineering (Yorkshire) Ltd (pictured)., which is getting funds for growth. As this […]

Escape ‘Zombie’ ISA Accounts, Says Independent

The Independent heralds what we all hope will be a new era for savers and investors – and the small and medium-sized companies who are deploying thie capital to grow the British economy. Personal finance editor Simon Read writes: “Is peer-to-peer lending set to crash into the mainstream with a bang next year? “That’s the […]

Discovering The Power Of The Crowd Revisted

We’re going to run a series of short week-end features from the recent, highly successful Discovering The Power Of The Crowd conference. The conference covered how crowdfunding works for businesses as they grow. Starting with very young companies that need seed equity through to more mature businesses with higher valuations who will look to give […]

Crowdfunders Bask In ‘10% ISA’ Budget Afterglow

After the news reporting comes the analysis. Crowdfunders in general, and peer-to-peer lenders in particular, are basking in the warm afterglow of this week’s Budget. Kate Palmer, in a piece filed last night in The Telegraph, runs the rule over Innovative Finance Individual Savings Accounts (IFISAs), which she dubs “10 per cent ISAs”. To read […]