Monthly Archives: September 2015

Moneywise Goes Back To P2P Basics

Moneywise explains the basics of peer-to-peer lending, and does a rather fine job of explaining what it is we do here at Money&Co. “Rather than remain in poor-paying high street savings accounts, the more adventurous among you will be far better suited to taking on more risk with different products entirely. Those of you who […]

The Changing Face Of Alternative Finance

We keep hearing that the face of finance is changing. And it is: the alternative is becoming the mainstream, with crowdfunding at its centre. One of the most trenchant iterations of this view comes from a recent blog in Tech City News by Russell Gould. “According to finance supermarket, Funding Options, SMEs in the UK […]

Alternative Funding: New Solutions To Old Problems

Alternative finance, with crowdfunding at its heart, offers a new form of resolving old dilemmas. The service that we provide is, in many ways, just like a credit union, a venerable form of providing liquidity for businesses and returns for lenders that’s been around for centuries. At Money&Co., we bring people together with businesses to […]

Crowdfunding Growth Route Finds SME Favour

Our friends at TechWorld offer an interesting insight into the contemporary process of funding small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). The article traces the thought process of SME executives deciding between crowdfunding and more traditional venture-capital funding to help their businesses grow. “The company is growing ‘pretty rapidly’, Navmii’s CEO, Peter Atalla, tells Techworld. It employs 40 people […]

Calls For Greater P2P Loan Charge Transparency

Crowdfunding is still a young industry.  Many people don’t understand what it is – mistaking equity raises for all of crowdfunding is a common error, for example. Given that the nomenclature is still evolving, it’s no surprise that charging structures are all over the place… The Financial Times runs an excellent piece by Judith Evans arguing […]

SMEs Pedals To Hit Metal With JC Decaux Accelerator

The Retail Times reports that outdoor advertising company JC Decaux is teaming up with the crowdfunding industry to find the UK’s “100 hottest start-ups to accelerate their growth curve”. While this platform is not directly involved, we welcome the initiative. The digital word is spreading fast, but mainstream advertising is still a very important tool […]

P2P FinTech Paypal App Further Disrupts Banks

Just to remind you, as peer-to-peer (P2P) crowdfunders bringing people and businesses together, we are a FinTech business – that is, a financial technology business.  Christine Farnish of the P2P Finance Association, an industry body that represents some of the older players in the P2P sector, writes in CityA.M. on an innovative P2P-focused app from […]