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Managed-Asset Regulations And The Higher Bar For P2P – Plus Loan Latest

Following on from yesterday’s piece about the Financial Conduct Authority’s plan to implement higher levels of transparency in reporting and regulation of peer-to-peer (P2P) loans, we thought we’d offer more detail on our managed portfolio service. Why? Because we use asset-management permissions granted by the FCA, to offer this service. The new system for P2P […]

Transparency In FinTech – Asset Management-Style Rules Welcomed

There has been much excitement about the publication last June by the Financial Conduct Authority of the final rules regarding disclosure of information – specifically, about the risks involved for investors in peer-to-peer loans, the pricing of those loans and about what happens if things go wrong. As our friends at P2P Finance news recently […]

New FinTech Knowledge Platform Launched – But Transparency Is Industry Key

We’re pleased to see an attempt to create what the UK government’s trade department hopes will be the digital “go-to destination for people working in the industry to get access to funding, knowledge, and talent”. Our friends at P2P Finance News record the launch of this digital hub. We can only hope this promotes clarity […]

Non-performing Loan Sale Highlights Transparency Issues

Risk and its clear explanation – otherwise known as transparency – have dominated the peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending scene in the last few weeks. We have covered risk awareness amongst lenders in the light of the recent FCA statement, reminded lenders of the importance of access and security as well as yield, and amplified calls […]

AltFi ‘Still Not Transparent Enough’ – Plus A+ Loan Latest

Julia Groves is one of crowdfunding’s leading figures, a force for good in alternative finance in our opinion, and, we also like to think, a friend of this platform and its values. Julia argues in a typically pithy opinion piece in today’s AltFi that alternative finance in the UK is still not transparent enough. “Alternative […]

A Modest Proposal: Towards Transparency In Equity And Debt

Today’s news stories focus on recent calls for change in the equity and our own peer-to-peer (P2P) crowdfunding sectors. Change is inevitable in a young industry. But is it good? Here are our modest, tentative proposals for equity and debt crowdfunding. The Peer-to-Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) has said it wants tighter regulation. Some believe the […]

SME Funding – The Search For Transparency

Growth Street, a company that provides revolving credit facilities to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), is lobbying the UK government for more clarity in the reporting of bank overdraft rates, reports SME Insider: “The campaign – APR4SMEs – has been set up by London-based Growth Street, to raise awareness of the issues faced by small […]

Calls For Greater P2P Loan Charge Transparency

Crowdfunding is still a young industry.  Many people don’t understand what it is – mistaking equity raises for all of crowdfunding is a common error, for example. Given that the nomenclature is still evolving, it’s no surprise that charging structures are all over the place… The Financial Times runs an excellent piece by Judith Evans arguing […]