Monthly Archives: May 2016

As BBC Reports Record Saver Lows, P2P Deserves Consideration

We relay an excerpt of some sobering news for savers from the BBC. The corporation runs an article that “shows that many people relying on their savings income are worse off than ever before”. “Savings rates plummeted after the Bank of England slashed its base rate in the financial crisis. “Since last autumn, as the economic […]

US Events To Have Modest Effect On UK P2P Regulation

The financial media in the UK has been awash with the potential ramifications of the departure of senior executives from Lending Club, the biggest peer-to-peer (P2P) crowdfunder in the United States. One of the most comprehensive articles comes from Reuters. We reproduce an extended excerpt below: “Britain has one of the biggest peer-to-peer or P2P […]

Another Day, Another Tech Fund – P2P And Loan Latest

Another day, another technology investor, so it seems. Our friends at Business Insider bring us a report of a new fund investing in tech start-ups. “Saul and Robin Klein are a father and son team who have invested in some of Europe’s biggest technology startups. Between them they have backed TransferWise, Citymapper, TweetDeck, Graze, Zoopla, […]

Equity Risk – Compared And Contrasted With P2P – Suits UK Investors

Our friends at FinExtra are among many reporting on a consumer-research report published by equity platform, SyndicateRoom. This survey, of 3,100 people is called Bridging the Equity Divide, and SyndicateRoom concludes that the results show a strong appetite for wealth creation amongst UK investors. Some 53 per cent of respondents believe that equity investment would […]

EU Recognises Crowdfunders Need Space To Innovate

Good news from the European Union. It recognises that crowdfunding is an important and legitimate part of FinTech. It also recognises that we crowdfunders need “space to innovate and develop”. “The report finds that crowdfunding remains relatively small but is developing rapidly. If appropriately regulated, it has the potential to be a key source of […]

Crowdfunders’ ‘Problem’ A Good One To Have

Digital natives – the kids who grew up with an iPhone as entertainer-cum-babysitter – would call it a “First-World Problem”. The problem, according to an article by Gary Dushnitsky, an associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at London Business School, belongs to the crowdfunding sector of FinTech. And what do crowdfunding firms such as Money&Co., […]

Crowdfunders Focus On Growing IFISA Business

The alternative finance sector is growing rapidly. The same goes for crowdfunding – one of the sector’s most important elements. We have reported that growth story many times in this News section. But rapid growth is one thing, genuine scale and mainstream understanding and acceptance quite another. Money&Co. operates in a sub-sector of crowdfunding known as […]