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Banks, Savings And P2P – The Old,The New And The Future

Today, in anticipation of the latest new loan offering (coming to this site very soon) we offer excerpts two articles from today’s media output. It is an exercise in comparison and contrast. The Old “Since the September announcement that National Savings & Investments (NS&I) would be dropping its Direct Isa rate to just 1.25pc, few […]

Calls For Greater P2P Loan Charge Transparency

Crowdfunding is still a young industry.  Many people don’t understand what it is – mistaking equity raises for all of crowdfunding is a common error, for example. Given that the nomenclature is still evolving, it’s no surprise that charging structures are all over the place… The Financial Times runs an excellent piece by Judith Evans arguing […]

Advisers Wary Of P2P Loans – Are They Paranoid?

Crowdfunding is making spectacular advances in popularity and general public acceptance. It’s small wonder, given the attractive yields to be had from peer-to-peer (P2P) business loans. As we’ve reported here before, the growth and learning curves are as steep as they are exciting. But financial advisers can be wary of P2P loans like the ones […]

UK SME Funding Set To Accelerate Away

A recent article in The Financial Times brings back fond memories of friends at Cambridge University, working in the technology and alternative finance sector. The feature centres on the funding and development of an ultra-automated kitchen. “Its success gives the lie to the widespread belief that the UK is bad at innovation or, at least, […]

Alternative Finance Finds New Roads To Mainstream

It’s becoming almost a daily event: Alternative finance finds yet another road to reach out to the people. Judith Evans reports in The Financial Times on an initiative by Crowdcube – our cousins in the equity sub-sector of crowdfunding – who are teaming up with broker Numis’s to popularise the share floatation market. “Retail investors […]

Crowdfunding – Equity And P2P Business Lending Compared

A recent article in the Financial Times spurred our interest. It also reminded us that while we are part of the fast-growing alternative-finance sector known as crowdfunding, what we do at Money&Co. is very different from the equity-raise, property-backed, and other sub-sctors of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is simply the process of raising money – “funds” – […]

£1m Mecmesin Loan “A New Landmark” – FT

Here are extracts of today’s Financial Times coverage (registration required) of Money&Co.’s ground-breaking £1 million loan. The FT styles the Mecmesin deal a P2P deal, though we think of it as peer-to-business (P2B). “Small investors have lent £1m to a manufacturing business in what is thought to be the largest single peer-to-peer loan to an established […]