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IFISAs Offer Good Yield, But Don’t Forget Security And Access

Our friends at P2P Finance News report on the market in Innovative Finance Individual Savings Accounts (IFISAs). These products are attractive, but carry risks that need to be understood. We carry a short extract below, as well as references to our regular visits to the topics of security, access and yield in this News section. […]

Politicos Call For More, Better-Focused SME AltFi

Following on from last Friday’s story on SME alternative funding, our friends at CityA.M. report sharp criticism for government attempts to stimulate alternative funding for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). “Former business secretary and Lib Dem Vince Cable has slammed the progress of a government scheme designed to help small businesses access finance from alternative […]

UK Government To Boost SME Funding With Fourth Platform

The UK government has issued a press release claiming successes for its bank referral scheme. Below we offer an extract from the statement, plus commentary from Money&Co.’s CEO: “Over the past 9 months, 230 small businesses from beauticians to forklift truck training companies, which were rejected for loans by some of the UK’s biggest banks, […]

P2P Investment Attracts Older, Income-Hungry Crowd

The number of peer-to-peer finance investors has continued to grow as the industry becomes more recognisable and trusted, according to our friends at trade media outlet, Bridging & Commercial. “But who are the different types of peer-to-peer investors and which type do platforms prefer to work with?” they ask, before proceeding to answer that question […]

How To Find Good Returns In A Low-Income World

The time-worn aphorism – a bit of a cliche, if you like – that there’s nothing new under the sun, certainly applies to crowdfunding. What’s equity crowdfunding, but fractional ownership of a company? The only conceptual difference between acquiring those shares on a stockmarket or via crowdfunding is the digital medium (although there are often […]

Latest Survey Shows P2P And Equity Crowdfunding Sectors In Good Health

Here’s a quick overall health check on the equity and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sub-sectors of crowdfunding. A blog in Business Zone, from the co-founder of Off3r, a comparison site, reports good figures from the equity sector. Here’s an excerpt: “The latest equity crowdfunding statistics released by OFF3R last month revealed that the first half of 2017 was the strongest […]

Maturing P2P Market Gets Enhanced Oversight – Plus IFISA Focus

As our sector of alternative finance matures, so does the regulation and oversight. The the peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending sub-sector of crowdfunding is where we operate, and, with the advent of the Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account (ISA) a lot of attention has rightly been devoted to P2P. It’s right because companies such as Money&Co. […]

IFISA Sun Set To Shine Brightly On P2P Platforms And Investors

Good times lie ahead for financial technology and investors alike. As a young industry, crowdfunded peer-to-peer (P2P) business lending is in the foothills of public awareness and general acceptance. But all that is set to change, with the advent of the Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account (ISA). At Money&Co. we received full authorisation to offer […]

FCA Extends P2P Assessment Scope In Welcome Move – Plus Loan Latest

Peer-to-peer(P2P) business lending is expanding rapidly. This sub-sector of crowdfunding, the area we inhabit, is constantly morphing – competitors come and go, and the regulators (ultimately, the top UK watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority [FCA]) take note and adjust regulatory requirements accordingly. Our friends at P2P Finance News report a new initiative to widen the […]