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P2P Flotation Is Latest In Long-Running Story

It’s a long-running story. The latest development in the general theme of peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders joining the mainstream of financial services comes courtesy of LendInvest. SKY News reports that  “the online property finance hub Lendinvest is plotting a £500m stock market flotation that will provide a fresh test of investors’ faith in a fast-growing but […]

Good Reasons To Regulate AltFi – Plus Loan Latest

Regulation of financial offers to the public is both important and necessary. This is especially so in the growing alternative finance sector, where the barriers to entry are relatively low. Part of the reason that mainstream banks are slow-moving and expensive is that it’s very expensive and time-consuming to get a mainstream banking licence. So […]

P2P Investing Beats Inflation – But (Stating The Obvious) Be Risk-Aware

There are no prizes, that we’re aware of, for stating the obvious. But if there were such a thing, the trophy (we’re thinking something very tacky and cheap, bought from a high-street jeweller) would have to be split between our friends at P2P Finance News (an important and reliable source of news on peer-to-peer [P2P]] […]

Talking Money: Find Clarity In Managing Your Money

Ahead of tomorrow’s Talking Money seminar near Farnham, we thought we’d revisit the whole idea of managing money, which is undoubtedly a complicated business. Money management is a whole sub-sector of financial services dedicated to getting the best value for capital invested. All the while, the money managers have to use their best efforts to keep […]

More Than Just Talking The Talk – Putting Fizz Into P2P

  Next Wednesday evening offers an opportunity to mix business and pleasure. Money&Co. founder, Nicola Horlick, will be the keynote speaker at an evening near Farnham, Surrey, organised by The event is free, and includes a “glass of fizz” (we’re guessing Prosecco). The venue is the imaginatively titled Bears At The Packhouse. This won’t […]

P2P Sector Looking Strong – Plus IFISA Process Guide

Our friends at Crowdfundinsider offer a report of strong performance from a peer-to-peer (P2P) lender group. These figures can be seen as a good indicator of the robust health of the industry generally. The UK Peer-to-Peer Finance Association(P2PFA) has published fourth quarter numbers for member platforms. According to their data, cumulative lending now tops £9.5 billion […]

Taking A Peek At P2P Investment Trusts – Plus IFISA Process Guide

We like to take a regular look at investment trusts committed to the peer-to-peer (P2P) sector. Investment trusts are quoted shares and so have the potential upside of an equity asset (as well as the downside risk of loss). Fans of P2P-invested investment trusts argue that the relatively high dividend returns offset the risk. Below, […]

Time To Take a Long Look At P2P Risk – Plus Loan Latest

Today we bring you a cautionary tale. But before we get into the detail of a report on how things can go wrong, we thought we’d take the opportunity to revisit our own credit model and the steps Money&Co. takes to avoid bad debts. Before a company can come on to the platform and solicit […]