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Diversity Is Key To P2P Consolidation – Plus Inheritance Tax Latest

There’s been some head-scratching in analytical quarters as to why the long-predicted consolidation in the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector hasn’t materialised. The answer from one commentator is a lack of diversity in product offering among some P2P players. We think that’s a sensible argument. Diversity in product offering – and in the loans on offer […]

Institutions Welcome – But Let’s Keep Small Lenders In Crowdfunding

The question keeps being asked: Is the crowd (ie, the retail lender) going to be squeezed out of crowdfunding? Our friends at P2P Finance News report that “a number of purely institutional products have been unveiled recently in the peer-to-peer lending sector”. The question then posed by P2PFN is whether this to the benefit or […]

P2P Lending Offers More Than Doom And Gloom – Plus Loan Latest

If you like doom and gloom, the peer-to-peer sector, with the recent high-profile collapse of Lendy, provides plenty of cheap thrills. Add in the troubles that Funding Circle, the P2P sector’s biggest player, has been having with its investment trust, and it’s time to get the popcorn out and enjoy the double bill. However, it […]

New FinTech Knowledge Platform Launched – But Transparency Is Industry Key

We’re pleased to see an attempt to create what the UK government’s trade department hopes will be the digital “go-to destination for people working in the industry to get access to funding, knowledge, and talent”. Our friends at P2P Finance News record the launch of this digital hub. We can only hope this promotes clarity […]

Does FCA Regulation Really Matter To P2P Lenders? Plus Loan Latest

Following last Friday’s News article looking at the forthcoming rule changes to regulation in the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector in which Money&co. operates, comes another question: Does FCA regulation make a difference? The jury, according to this article from P2P Finance News (excerpt below) is definitely out on this one. When Lendy collapsed last month, it was […]

New P2P Business Rules Reprised – Plus IFISA Process Guide

There’s good and not-so-good in the recently announced rules from the Financial Conduct Authority on how the peer-to-peer (P2P) sector will do business. The rules come into effect in December. We’ll be commenting at greater length in our blog section shortly. Meanwhile, here’s a reprise of the major points from commentary site, Lend Academy. The […]

Bright Future For P2P? More Or Less…

More, or less? After recent high-profile failures in the Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector, some commentators have been predicting a dark, diminished future for P2P. As regular readers might surmise, our view is “serve them right” for players who’ve gone for growth at the expense of quality (see this earlier News piece). The current uncertainty has […]

New Five-Year Property-Backed 8% Yield Loan Comes To Market

The latest tranche of the Seascape offering has just been released to market. The offer is for £250,000, with a fixed-rate yield of 8 per cent. The term of the loan is five years. Below we reproduce an extract of the borrowing company’s representations to lenders. While the offer has been subjected to our risk-analysis […]