Monthly Archives: October 2020

Banking Faces Challenges In AltFi World Where Cash Is King

One way of challenging banking norms  –  an increasingly popular activity nowadays – is to offer cashback. Assuming cash remains popular, which is probable in the short term, this new development, reported by our friends at Crowdfundinsider, could have quite a radical effect across the alternative-finance sector: Upside Saving, a UK-based open-banking-marketing-platform connects Brands with […]

Property-Backed AltFi Loans In Review

Regular readers of this News section will be aware of Money&Co.’s increasing focus on niche markets, such as music-rights lending, and property-backed loans. Our friends at AltFi report on the current shape of the overall UK alternative-finance lending sector here: LendInvest was responsible for the lion’s share of peer-to-peer property lending in 2019, accounting for a […]

Loan Portfolios: The Benefits Of Spreading Assets And Lowering Risk

We return to a familiar theme today – the benefits of spreading loan assets across a wide range of companies, and in so doing, mitigating risk. We run an excerpt from an earlier, home-grown piece here in News on the benefits of diversification. Clients of the Money&Co Portfolio Service have access to loans with a […]

SME Funding Optimists: Badly Informed Pessimists?

“Despite economic uncertainty, angel investors are continuing to invest in early-stage businesses and are optimistic about the future, the British Business Bank has found.” Is this a realistic appraisal or something akin to the jingoistic drivel (eyes, shut, fingers in ears – it’s all fine) we’re being fed on the political front? Our friends at […]

Europe Set To Overtake UK In AltFi Lending – Plus Loan Latest

Today we bring you a snapshot of the volatile alternative-finance lending sector. Our friends at AltFi run a piece on its recently published market report. One of the outcomes seems to be that Europe is catching up and will soon overtake the UK market: European originations among peer-to-peer and marketplace lending platforms soared by 80 per cent […]

US Player Makes Bold Statement Of Inward UK FinTech Investment Intent

Today, we bring news of a very strong statement of intent from a new North American player looking to invest in the UK Fintech sector. The timing is bold: many players have been struggling; the early form of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is disappearing in favour of niche lending to businesses with asset-backing pretty much a […]

Covid Crisis Promotes Innovation In SME Management

Change is the one constant of the stories surrounding Covid-19 and its effect on our markets – small and medium-sized companies, and FinTech players in the alternative-finance sector. More on the problems of bounce-back loans soon. Meanwhile, our friends at P2P Finance News P2P Finance News report research on the new thinking the crisis has […]